Iranian Speaker Series

This event turned out to be a really interesting and informative panel. The speakers all highlighted different aspects of Iranian life including the past & current political atmosphere, the diaspora to Southern California, and marriage practices & opinions among Iranian young adults. I hope we can do more informative panels in the future! It's a great way to spread knowledge and discuss what's really going on in places where our news media tends to provide slanted views. Furthermore, it shows how anthropological research can be used and shared in a variety of different contexts.
The panel getting ready to speak....

From left to right: Dr. Matin-Asgari, professor of history at CSULA; Maral Sahebjame, an M.A. student in our program and member of AGSA who just finished doing her research in Iran over the summer; and Dr. Rahimieh, professor of comparative literature at UCI. She is also the Chair and Director of the Dr. Samuel Jordan Center for Persian Studies.

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