AGSA Amish Themed Potluck & Movie Night

My plate of awesomeness! Sharon's Shoofly pie, my quinoa dish, and Maral's Amish broccoli casserole. YUM!
Brian liked it too :)
The broccoli casserole

There weren’t too many of us at the AGSA movie night but it was fun anyways! We watched the movie Devil’s Playground about Amish teenagers who go out into the “English” world before deciding whether or not to join the church. So with that, we decided to have an Amish themed potluck and yes, it was delicious. It was a really interesting movie to watch because the stories of Amish reflected so many stories that anthropologists hear from people about why they do what they do. Maral made a great point about how they reflect a lot of the same stories of other immigrant groups that aren't always completely understood or accepted for whatever reason. I think there need to be more movie nights in the future!